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Company registrationFor company registration in Montenegro you need your ID card and 1 € founding capital only.

AdvantagesProfit tax is among the lowest in Europe, that means it is only 9%.

Registration processThe registration process takes from 7 to 10 days.

If you have decided to start a business in Montenegro, you made the right decision!

To start a business in Montenegro you need only passport and 1 Euro.

Advantages of doing business in Montenegro

Profit tax is among the lowest in Europe, that means it is only 9%. In Slovenia is 17%. If business owner wants to cash out profit and transfer it on his personal bank account pays only 9% tax.

Also in this case the tax in Slovenia is much higher, it is 25%. Also value-added tax- VAT is lower in Montenegro than in Slovenia, it is 19%.

Montenegro as the only non-European Union member has Euro € as national currency, so you can withdraw your money from ATM (automated teller machine).

Starting capital is only 1 EURO.


Step by step to company

1. Choose a name of the company

We will check the register if name is free and book it for you. If the name is not free, you will have to choose another one.

2. We will need some information about you:

Your personal data (name, surname, address, tax identification number and passport number)
Address of headquarters of the company (if you don’t have your own address, you can register your company on our address)
Activity of the company
3. Once we have all the information necessary, we will prepare documentation for starting a business in Montenegro. Then we will arrange the date when you can come to Montenegro.

4. Director and business owner have to come in Montenegro for the transcript of the company and they must have their identity documents with them. In case, the establisher is company, they must bring display from AJPES, which must not be older than 3 months.

5. At notary you will have to sign and authenticate all documents needed (contract for establishing a company, authorizations, papers for the bank)

6. The documents will be sent to court.


In 7 days you have all this…

The funding act
Decision of registration of the company
Registration number
Tax number
VAT number
Customs number
Company seal
Business bank account
The entire process is completed within 7 to 10 days.

If you are interested in starting a business in Montenegro, please contact us on prodaja@agencijaspin.si or call us on telephone number +386 70 77 77 66 and we will help you.

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