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Spin global consulting d. o. o. can offer you services in the Czech Republic. Our company deals with services that are most needed by business individuals and companies. We can help all interested in entering the Czech market. Our services are characterized by reliability, speed, flexibility, competitive prices and one-stop-shop services! This will save you time and money. We provide services professionally and always try to handle the best for our customers.


Why do business in the Czech Republic?

- good geographical position of the country (represents the bridge between Eastern and Central Europe):

- political and economic stability (a rapidly growing economy with large (foreign) investors));

- flexible legislation;

- the availability of a well-educated workforce;

- a large supply of industrial plots and business premises;

- payment discipline;

- high innovation potential;


Our services include:

- Establishment of a new company in the Czech Republic (the whole process of establishing a company)

- Purchase of an existing company:

* which is not a taxable company

* which is a taxable company

- Accounting Services

- Virtual office

- Opening a bank account

- Court translations of the certificate of impunity

- Special authorization

- Obtaining the status of a taxable company



The process of establishing d. o. o. in the Czech Republic
roughly in 6 steps:


1. Information about the partner - name and surname, date of birth, copy of identity card, address of residence

2. company name, address (which we can offer you)

3. the purpose of doing business (in the Czech Republic there is a list of unregulated business such as sales, retail, etc. However, there are specialized businesses (for example lawyers) for which you need a special authorization)

4. Certificate of impunity

5. Then we can prepare documents

6. The entire process of obtaining all the necessary documents takes 10-15 days



For further information, please contact us at info@agencijaspin.si or call us at +386 70 77 77 65.

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