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All official documents requiring translation of notarized court interpreter with his statement that confirms identity of the translation and the original. Court interpreter is an expert who passed the exam for court interpreter at the Ministry of Justice, which is also recorded in register of interpreters.

Which documents need a certified translation? 

Translations of court interpreters you need for documents of a personal nature: certificate education, evidence of qualifications, certificates of no criminal record, certificates of permanent residence, birth certificates, passports, extract from the register, authorities, etc..

Translations of court interpreters you need for a different documents such as by the submission of an application for a working permit and residence permit as well as for notification activities and notification of employees who wants to work in other EU Member States (Germany, Austria, ...).

You also need a translation of the court interpreter to translate all the necessary documents from the establishment of the company or branch (extract from Ajpes registry, extract from the Trade Registry, the European certificate and other documents).

We translate also:

  • contracts,
  • degree of completed studies,
  • annual and financial reports,
  • medical certificates,
  • other documents that you need.

 We offer basic translation services and certified translations from / to:

  • Croatian,
  • English,
  • German,
  • Italian,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Bosnian,
  • Serbian,
  • Russian,
  • Macedonian language,
  • and also to be arranged in other languages.

Certified documents we can surrender you personally or we can sent you by express mail to the desired address or otherwise by arrangement.


SPIN Global Consulting has a wide experience in translating legal or. official documents. We work only with quality legal interpreters and translators, so we can help you with all translations that can be used at home and in offices around the world. Please call us and ask for a price on 00385 (0) 99 4 77 77 61. You can also write to info@spinconsulting.eu.

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