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SPIN coworking

Do you have a new, young company and you are tired of working at home or you are tired of searching for unexpensive office space? Do you want in your work consult with similarly thinking people? The cost of the current location at which you work are too high? Read the text below and check the options which are offered in the environment of SPIN coworking.

6 reasons why is coworking interesting?

Coworking means working in a joint office and has many advantages:

  1. Lowering the cost of the company management and consequently lower the risk of your business!

  2. Besides you is the best possible mentor: a young entrepreneur who daily solves similar problems as you!

  3. Socializing with like-minded contributes to the increasing productivity and improving your creativity!

  4. You will gain a lot of opportunities to develop new ideas and joint projects!

  5. Among the companies in SPIN cowork office might be quite a few of your potential customers!

  6. Help is available in the early stages of business!

  7. We take care of everything! Save time and money and just focus on your business!

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Call us at Slovenian number 00386 (0) 41 77 77 61 or Croatian number 00385 (0) 4 99 77 77 61 or write to us at mail info@spinconsulting.eu to arrange an appointment or meeting.

What SPIN coworking offers?

  1. Office desk with chair, chest of drawers for documents and storage space in the larger cabinet,

  2. powerful Internet connection with a powerful network equipment,

  3. space equipped with whiteboards for developing concepts and ideas,

  4. meeting rooms,

  5. toilet,

  6. kitchen with use of the equipment (microwave oven, cooking tea, coffee, etc.),

  7. unlimited print (total wireless printer),

  8. many informal meetings with other incubator and other entrepreneurs,

SPIN working place is intended for entrepreneurs which because of small teams do not need their own separate offices:

  • those who have enough solitary and unproductive work at home,
  • all those who are looking for the exchange of knowledge with young entrepreneurs,
  • all those who wants beside them like-minded people, with wich they can discuss about business and improve it.

SPIN coworking is located in Zagreb, close to the highway, at Pijavišće 17g, where you can park without any problems (to avoid the crowd, which meets daily in downtown Zagreb).

Join an active team of young entrepreneurs from different companies, which strives for a good working atmosphere, like to share experiences, tips and ideas, makes a good company through lunches and the etc.

SPIN coworking is ideal for:

  • smaller teams or companies that want to accelerate the development of its product,
  • those who have a business idea and need help in its realization,
  • "freelancers" who are looking for a suitable place to work,
  • self-employed who work for themselves or for one or more other undertakings,
  • entrepreneurs who are slowly integrated into the business world,
  • entrepreneurs who miss the company in their work ( lunches, socializing ...),
  • those who want to have a company in a good location in Zagreb - without the high cost!

 The results of the analyzes of global Internet magazine Deskmag 2010, which was done on the sample of 1,500 coworking service users from 52 countries are as follows:

  • 70% of people are very happy with the coworking experience
  • 85% of people has detected increase in motivation to work
  • 88% improved relationships with other entrepreneurs
  • 57% have improved their working with the team skills
  • 60% due to better work organization become more relaxed later at home
  • 42% has repair their financial situation

Are you coming to view so we discuss the details?

Call us at Slovenian number: 00386 (0) 41 77 77 61, the Croatian number: 00385 (0) 4 99 77 77 61 or email us at info@spinconsulting.eu to arrange an appointment or meeting.

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